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The inspiring Dr. Tracey Wright, of Globalivity, and a service trip to Jamaica will always hold a very special, unique place in my open, expanding heart. The bond created between the five of us chiropractors and the community of Treasure Beach  runs deep, and will last a lifetime. Dr. Tracey created an experience which has affected all aspects of my being. I am caught between being tongue tied because there are no words to properly describe my experience and emotions, and feeling like I have so much to say I don’t know where to start. Dr. Tracey orchestrated an amazing blend of days of rewarding, love filled service with the local people of Treasure Beach intermingled with life changing moments of self-care, self-love, self-discovery, group connecting, and loads of fun and laughter between the chiropractors who attended. The warmth and welcoming energy we received from the grateful people of Treasure Beach was more than I expected and filled my heart and soul with enough love to last beyond forever. All five of us said we would show up to Jamaica with an open heart and mind ready to serve and that is exactly what we all did. The yoga, meditation, intention setting, clarity seeking, ocean swims, boat rides, communal meals, dancing, and all of our conversations allowed for a magical bonding experience between us!

Share, love, give, and be willing to receive the abundance of life!

One Love, Dr. Cheryl Graham, DC <3

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