Chiropractic stands on three pillars: Art, philosophy, and science! 

  • The Nerve System is the main coordinating and distribution system of the body. Alterations or distortion in the shape, position, tone, or tension of the nerve system (especially at the spine) will interfere with the expression of the body’s ability to coordinate efficiently..
  • Chiropractors call interference to the proper functions of the nerve system a Vertebral Subluxation. Subluxation causes alteration in nerve function and distorts the communication channels between the brain and the body. The result is a lessening of the body’s ability to express its maximum health potential.
  • Health is a state of optimal physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease, symptoms, or infirmity.
  • An Adjustment is the specific and honoring application of forces to facilitate the body’s release and integration of subluxation.
  • The sole purpose of the chiropractic adjustment in this office is to assist your body to release vertebral subluxation and benefit from the restoration of clear communication channels in the body. Everyone, regardless of their age, symptoms or ailments, will benefit from a nerve system which is more flexible, elastic, and free of vertebral subluxation.
  • Chiropractic is not a substitute, an alternative or a preventative form of medicine. We do not offer diagnosis or treatment for specific diseases. Our only practice objective is to eliminate major interferences to the expression of the body’s innate wisdom and to support your body to hold and integrate adjustments and healing. If you desire advice, diagnosis, or treatment for specific diseases, we encourage you to seek the counsel of a medical disease care specialist.

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