Phases of Care



If you came to us because you are in pain, the first phase of care and our main goal is to reduce your symptoms. The intensity of your symptoms will determine the frequency of visits.

It is important to remember that pain is the last thing to appear and the first thing to disappear. Having  patience with your body and remembering that healing takes time will benefit you in the long run. When the pain disappears, there is still work to do, the underlying condition remains. Hang in there and trust the process!



If you truly want to get out of pain, it is important to maintain care during this phase. A lot of people stop at this point because they don’t hurt anymore, but in a month or two they return to our office with a flare up because we did not finish the process. Continuing  through the restorative phase will allow for less chances of the condition recurring.

During the correction/restorative phase of your care, you might receive chiropractic adjustments less frequently than during the relief portion of your care. You will also receive exercises and stretches to do at home to help accelerate and support your healing process.

Please do not be discouraged if you have mild flare-ups during this period. This is not uncommon. Flare-ups may occur during this phase because your body is still in the healing process. The length of this phase depends on the severity of your situation, your dedication to the care plan, and your pace of healing. Everybody responds differently.



Once your body has fully healed, it is important to maintain routine chiropractic care for optimal performance and health. We call this the Wellness phase. Just like you must continue to eat healthy, exercise and get good rest, continuing to get your nervous system checked regularly by a chiropractor can enhance your health and well-being. Because we are constantly surrounded by physical, emotional, and chemical stressors the body is working to integrate, it is important to be pro-active about that state of our health and wellness. Prevention care is our ultimate goal for our practice members.

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