Monika R.

I was really glad to find Dr. Graham. She is very personable and really listened to me. She isn’t in a rush to treat me and get me out the door. She spends as much time as she needs to when working on me and I really appreciate that. I always leave feeling great and for that I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Brandy W.

It was a car accident that brought me to Dr Graham. I started my chiropractic care within hours of getting rear ended on the freeway. Dr Graham did an excellent job, she is very professional and personable. My pain decreased with each visit and I was back to myself within a few months. I continue to see Dr Graham for an existing lower back issue and for my overall health on a regular basis. I highly recommend Dr Graham to all off my friends and colleges.

Jack M.

My job requires me to drive all over the Monterey Bay area as well over the hill and beyond. For the past 8 months I had been experiencing neck and low back pain that would shoot down my leg causing it to go numb. I would have to pull over and walk and stretch for a bit before driving on. Finally I made an appointment with Dr. Graham. She took the time to discuss my symptoms and then slowly and gently she adjusted my low back and neck. What a difference the pain relief was immediate!! Since then I have started a regimen of aroma touch therapy, another service she provides, as well as chiropractic adjustments. The aroma touch relaxes the muscles and soothes aches and pains and calms me down. It’s not a deep tissue massage. It’s a much more calm approach and is awesome and healing.

I think as we go through our busy lives we just learn to live with aches and pains. I forgot how good it felt to be pain free. I sleep better and move through life much easier and with an overall better attitude.

I would HIGHLY recommend trying Dr. Grahams treatments and I look forward to feeling GREAT for years to come.

Thanks Dr. Graham !!

Anonymous Practice Member

I went to LionHeart Chiropractic with my husband and I was amazed how versatile Dr. Cheryl was in her skills. She creates a very warm and welcoming environment to heal. I was able to let my guard down and relax easily with Dr. Cheryl because she has a very accepting nature. Thanks for your help in releasing emotionally and putting my ribs back where they belong! Awesome


Anonymous practice member

Cheryl is wonderful, skillful, and has a great friendly professional attitude. I will continue visiting her after this Groupon deal is over.



Anonymous practice member

Dr. Graham is great – she’s a great chiropractor and has a very relaxing office



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